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IVF SCANNER was created to help patients find the right facility reflecting their wishes and needs.❤️

On IVF SCANNER you can look at the offers of individual clinics in a comparison table and find out which one suits you best. Each clinic has its own detailed profile and a contact form so you can reach the clinic directly. As we prefer quality over quantity, we only offer a limited number of profiles, each clinic has been checked and investigated🔍.


Behind IVF SCANNER are Anna De Bayas Sanchez and Michaela Fuller, experts in cross-border reproductive care, members of ESHRE & scientific researchers for EU project, presenting their work on IVF conferences and in related journals. Anna and Michaela benefit from experience in the field of IVF, where they have established long-term partnerships with dozens of IVF clinics. They have created extensive networks in Europe, and hundreds of patients reach them every year for help. In the world of IVF, they are recognized for their transparency and high quality of services. 

Anna De Bayas Sanchez 

Anna is the co-founder of Medistella, a patient advocacy company that helps recipients around the world access unbiased reproductive care that meets their needs. She has established crucial partnerships with doctors and clinics throughout Europe to help provide equal access to fertility treatments. Her fields of interest are reproductive epidemiology, socio-cultural aspects and health economyShe is currently pursuing her PhD. in Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. Her research is focused on cross-border reproductive care in medical, psychosocial ethical and legal context.

Michaela Fuller

Thanks to Michaela's professional career and huge amount of empathy she can advocate for IVF patients in various clinics throughout Europe. She is the co-founder of Medistella.com.  She is enthusiastic about connecting people with the services they need. Her priority is to treat every single person as a unique individual. She likes to learn new things so you can meet her at various workshops and conferences too. She believes knowledge is the key to success.

Meet Ava :)

Hi there, my name is Ava and I'm here to guide you on your independent journey through the world of IVF. I'll keep an eye on the latest developments, I'll be gathering information & highlighting the most important ones… I will regularly introduce you to clinics that undoubtedly deserve your attention, point out their qualities and special offers.
Follow me, get a better deal, make informed decisions!

Help us to build this incredible project😊 If you find this page informative, useful, and made with love - make sure you always reach the chosen clinic through the contact form so we can get a little commission fee which helps us to continue building this amazing project.

☝🏻Important note: If you reach the clinic via our contact form, the price of your treatment will not increase. On the contrary, you will get bonuses in the form of discounts, free medical consultations, etc., which we have arranged for you.

IVFSCANNER.COM does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. IVFSCANNER.COM merely provides with information to orientate a general outline. It does not replace any professional advice, diagnosis or treatment recommended by a physician.

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