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When it comes to IVF, treatment in Spain can satisfy the widest range of patients. More than 36 years of experience and especially local liberal laws can be the answer not only for heterosexual couples trying to conceive but also for lesbian couples (ROPA included) or women who either prefer single parenting or just plan to postpone their motherhood by using cryopreservation techniques. This method partially reduces the risks associated with older pregnancies, which are becoming more common due to today's career-oriented times or simply the inability/difficulty to find the right partner “in time”. 

There is also no law surrounding the maximum age for treatment, but the vast majority of clinics will only treat women up to the age of 50 years. However, some fertility centers had established specialized advanced maternal age unit and they treat patients up to 55. The condition is that the patient must undergo a review by ethic committee which gives an approval to the therapy. So if you have exceeded the age limit for IVF in most European countries, do not despair, Spain is your choice!

And this beautiful southern country has another advantage in the number of clinics. There are approximately 240 facilities that offer wide range of donor eggs from different ethnic backgrounds (Asian, African American, Hispanic, Indian and Caucasian phenotypes). And if you're wondering which cities are the most frequently chosen for IVF treatment, the answer is quite simple: the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. And these are certainly Barcelona, Alicante, Sevilla, Malaga or Madrid.

A single cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky of Spanish reproductive medicine may be the price you have to pay after receiving your final bill. With pricing from 3500 EUR for IVF ICSI and from 6000 EUR for IVF Donor Eggs, there are no doubt that Spain is one of the most expensive IVF destinations in Europe. Additionally, patients have to cover the costs of a medical consultation with a doctor, potential egg donor expenses, and remember that initial advertised prices may not reveal the full cost. But not to hurt them, Spain is also considered one of the leaders in the fertility field. You can expect multilingual teams, the latest advances, and technologies, an impressive range of medical services, long-term experience, high success rates, and last but not least, an individual approach. And that’s definitely worth a try. 

Combine your fertility treatment with holidays in one of the world’s most desired destinations. The friendly visa policy of the Schengen Area, an adequate offer of direct and charter flights from all over the world, and the sunny nature of the climate are just a bonus to an already well-chosen location.

IVFSCANNER.COM does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. IVFSCANNER.COM merely provides with information to orientate a general outline. It does not replace any professional advice, diagnosis or treatment recommended by a physician.

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