IVF Clinics abroad - Regulations in different countries

Regulations in different
European countries

Each state has the right to specify the conditions under which it is possible to treat patients undergoing reproductive medicine, and this provision is valid by law.
Let's narrow down some most important ones :)

Your family


  • Non-married couples: according to the law, the couple has to sign a notarial deed stating that the male partner agrees to be a legal father of the offspring. It can be signed when the couple arrives in Greece. Approx (50-10 €).

Access to therapies


  • Egg donation - available only for heterosexual couples.
  • Sperm donation - available to single mothers and female couples.


  • PGD - available only for heterosexual couples.


  • Surrogacy - available only for heterosexual couples.

Egg donation programs

Age limits


  • Maximum female/male age normal reproductive age, decided by the multidisciplinary staff of the center years-old.


  • 45 years for IVF own eggs, 47 years for embryo transfer


  • Maximum male age the potential father should be able to be alive until the child is 18 years old years-old


  • 48 years + 364 days


  • 49 years + 364 days


  • 50 years + 364 days


  • approximately 52 years old, some clinics in the private sector accept until 55 (specialized advanced maternal age unit)


  • no age limit is set by law, but IVF clinics treat female patients approximately up to 50 years old



NOTE: This website has an informative character and it only gives overall information. Each clinic has its own internal restrictions that can be more strict in terms of age limits or different approaches for individual IVF treatments.

IVFSCANNER.COM does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. IVFSCANNER.COM merely provides with information to orientate a general outline. It does not replace any professional advice, diagnosis or treatment recommended by a physician.

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