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Life & Fertility coaching with Alison. My preference is to meet in person at the outset of the coaching relationship to build a rapport, however skype can also be effective if you are not living locally. Sessions are typically one hour in duration, and for the full coaching programme, fortnightly over a three month period. However this may vary depending upon client needs.

Alison Reede

Kind of treatments

  • coaching


  • 1 session: uppon request

Waiting time

  • Skype call: upon requst
  • Personal consultation: upon requst

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Alison Reede
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  • Ireland

Capital city

How to choose the right medical facility abroad?

There are so many choices you face when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. Don’t let your choice in fertility care be a tough decision. Some clinics bundle common items together and may include a discount or added amenity at no extra cost. And that could save you hundreds of euros.

Be sure to look over the included package items and compare them to individual prices per item, this will ensure you don’t overpay for something you’re not interested in.

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