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Rosi Technique

In February 2019, the Centrum Clinic IVF team announced its first ROSI pregnancy. This situation was actually only the visible part of the iceberg. Because Prof. Dr. Recai Pabuçcu and his team had gone...


Keeping your eggs young? Mission possible!

Let’s talk about eggs, baby… What is it? Simply, it’s the freezing of women’s eggs as „insurance“ for their future family. Why should (could) I do it? This procedure is typically taken into account...


A stellar approach to treatment support

Medistella* can put you in touch with the best doctors and they will walk with you on your pregnancy journey – all at an affordable rate! Medistella* can put you in touch with the best doctors and...


After a negative test

In the Fertility process, there are ups and downs. And the downs can be devastating. When an individual receives the news that their eggs or sperm isn’t good quality, then they are suddenly faced with...


Micro-TESE: hope for male-factor infertility

Clinic EGV, a leading reproductive health and infertility clinic in Riga, Latvia, looks at how the advanced surgical procedure, Micro-TESE, offers men who have no sperm present in their semen (azoospermia)...


Egg Donation therapy explained

Having a baby using a donor egg provides couples with the opportunity to become parents, when they may not be able to otherwise. Candidates Having a baby using a donor egg provides...


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