Rosi Technique


In February 2019, the Centrum Clinic IVF Team announced its first ROSI pregnancy. This situation was actually only the visible part of the iceberg. Because Prof. Dr. Recai Pabuçcu and his team had gone to Dr. Tanaka and his team from Japan where the foundations of the ROSI technique were laid and which had the largest ROSI series in the world. 


Keeping your eggs young? Mission possible!

Let’s talk about eggs, baby… What is it? Simply, it’s the freezing of women’s eggs as „insurance“ for their future family. Why should (could) I do it? This procedure is typically taken into account when facing some medical issue, for instance, chemo. On the other hand, the media have „advertised“...


After a negative test

In the Fertility process, there are ups and downs. And the downs can be devastating. When an individual receives the news that their eggs or sperm isn’t good quality, then they are suddenly faced with limited options that could quickly add to their expenses in order to start a family of their own. Here are some ways to cope.


Micro-TESE: hope for male-factor infertility


Clinic EGV, a leading reproductive health and infertility clinic in Riga, Latvia, looks at how the advanced surgical procedure, Micro-TESE, offers men who have no sperm present in their semen (azoospermia) the opportunity to become fathers.


Is age just a number?

Thanks to rapidly improving technology you can do many things and live longer. You study longer and build a career or you take time to find a partner and settle down - regardless of the reason, you may find yourself 40 or older and hoping to start having children. And you’re wondering, is it too late? Is age just a number when it comes to getting pregnant?


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How to choose the right medical facility abroad?

There are so many choices you face when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. Don’t let your choice in fertility care be a tough decision. Some clinics bundle common items together and may include a discount or added amenity at no extra cost. And that could save you hundreds of euros.

Be sure to look over the included package items and compare them to individual prices per item, this will ensure you don’t overpay for something you’re not interested in.

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